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The Materials

We've been combining leather and wool for over 16 years. We think it’s a fantastic match. When chosen carefully, both are natural and sustainable. Two of the most ancient materials known to mankind, not ancient is what we create from them.


Tuscan Rich Vegetable Tanned Leather

Similar to that finger licking calzone you had on your last holiday in Italy, we believe it’s best simple, with natural ingredients made by a hearty Italian family. Our key leathers are Tuscan veg tanned and hand finished. They mature and get better with age, like the Chianti you enjoyed with that pizza.

Made in Italy.

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Felted, Woven and Knitted Wool

Italian, German and British wools - Much like a truffle pig we have a real natural instinct to sniff out the good ones. You can only imagine that after years of hardgraft we are proud owners of heaps of special wools. Felted, woven and knitted - they all give us that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Almost too good to be true: wool is highly sustainable, completely natural, rapidly renewable and biodegradable. It’s the ultimate performance fibre unmatched by man-made fabrics. Hardwearing, breathable and water repellant.

Made in Italy.

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Vegan Leather Alternative

We have sourced and developed a material that has the look and feel of leather so we can continue designing in our field of expertise. It’s an organic leather alternative made from renewable plant-based biomass. This means it regene­rates on a human time scale and does not jeopardi­se the natural resources of future generations. It’s made sustainably by a leading Italian manufacturer with the highest credentials in terms of environmentally conscious standards.

Embossed with the infamous Saffiano cross-hatch pattern, our vegan alternative leather is hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Made in Italy.

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Weatherproof Cotton Laminate

Inspired by advanced sailcloth technology this layered material is durable, resilient, weatherproof and high-tech.

The natural organic duck cotton face is combined with a double layer laminate construction to achieve ultimate strength, lightness and weatherproofness. 100% climate neutral. 

Made in the USA.

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Supporting Acts

We work with a healthy mix of materials. We select all of them specifically for the job they are employed to do. Each one with their unique characteristics, each bringing their own set of skills to the table. This variety brings a real depth.

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