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Welcome to hardgraft

Before you get settled in, here's a quick lowdown. Established in 2007, hardgraft is a small independent fine lifestyle accessories brand. Bags, small leather goods and footwear made in Italy of rich leather, felted wool or vegan leather alternative.

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Fine Lifestyle Accessories

As creatives we’re always looking for the right balance between minimal and sophisticated. The most difficult part is to simplify to get to the heart of the design, creating pieces with a compelling blend of personality, creativity and purity. To do our designs justice we source quality materials that are assembled by select artisans in Italy. This sense of craft lends the pieces a calm and decidedly human touch.

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Vegan Alternative

It’s impossible to ignore the signs of our times. Animal agriculture is one of the main causes of climate change. We founded our brand on the principal of being sustainable, highly resourceful and considerate. So instead of putting our heads in the sand, we take action. We the founders have been plant-based for some time, now it’s time for hardgraft. Introducing our best-sellers in Vegan with the plan to expand our Vegan range month on month. [ Read our full manifesto here ]

We know change is hard. To help you step into the Vegan range, we decided to give you a little hand with 20% off. Use VEGAN20 at checkout.


What we're made of

Your new hardgraft comes in quite a few guises but one thing they all have in common - sourced and hand-selected materials to excel at the job they are designed to do. Here's a shortlist of our favourites:

Gently tumbled in age-old oak drums and hand-stained. The best of the best, made the natural way with the planet in mind.

From thick, thin and extra-strong woven ones. We use an extensive range of highly renewable, resourceful and sustainable wools direct from Italy.

Made from plant-based biomass, our bio-degradable vegan alternative features the traditional Italian embossed cross-hatch pattern and is hard to distinguish from the real thing.

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