Made in Italy

We have been working with Italian craftsman for over 10 years now, and although 'Made in Italy' has a romanticised image attached to it, the reality is it’s not been easy to get to where we are today.

First of all, there really is not many artisans left - so finding the good ones is like looking for a needle in a haystack. On top of this our Italian workshops are fighting daily to keep their businesses alive. Such a shame as their passion and work really spills into each item they make. There is a certain pride and aura in the product along with their traditional technics and work pace (enhanced with a couple of espressos).

This is not a sales pitch, I just wanted to make you aware that with every product you buy from us, you vote for the company - you give them and the people they work with a livelihood. Your support is our heartbeat. In the world of fast moving consumer goods I think we should all try and support the good ones - that local butcher down the road, the companies with heart and soul. Buy less but better and hold on to the good, as tight as we can.